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“In my paintings I try to create a striking yet calming atmosphere  from the honesty of natural things around us that we take for granted without always appreciating.  I attempt to portray my observations and impressions of particular scenes in nature’s continuing beauty, from season to season.


My series ‘La Moulin de la Folie’ was inspired by a visit to an artist friend in early May a couple of years ago.  The land surrounding his watermill home had burst into an intoxicating show of the fresh and vibrant colours we crave after the raw beauty of Winter earth and sky.


My work is mostly visually stolen from an eclectic range of counties and countries, from France to the West Indies, Kent, Sussex, Norfolk, the Cotswolds, America and Russia.  


In recent paintings I have adopted a more naïve style in order to capture the emotion and effect of transient light on objects in their natural surroundings.  Clouds can shift and alter the quality and texture of light in moments.  New shapes, new drama.”

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Simon commenced artistic work as a part-time cartoonist, specialising in private commissions of personalised commemorative works.  His style was described as 'Beano meets Giles'.


He started painting after being strongly influenced by the French Impressionists and their evocative use of light in their landscapes and country scenes.


While attending life classes, he was also studying the work of both the French and English Impressionists, in Paris and London.  The more recent Contemporary impressionist painters also had a profound influence on his landscape work, especially during his studies at Slade School of Fine Art.


His ongoing work includes abstract paintings experimenting with light and shade.  Further abstract work includes a precise geometric use of disguised lettering.  Also he enjoys commissions to create various versions of his specialised continuous writings.


Simon works from his private studio in the South East of England.


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